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Docker provides a way to run applications securely isolated in a container, packaged with all its dependencies and libraries. Because your application can always be run with the environment it expects right in the build image, testing and deployment is simpler than ever, as your build will be fully portable and ready to run as designed in any environment. And because containers are lightweight and run without the extra load of a hypervisor, you can run many applications that all rely on different libraries and environments on a single kernel, each one never interfering with the other. This allows you to get more out of your hardware by shifting the “unit of scale” for your application from a virtual or physical machine, to a container instance.

Typical Docker Platform Workflow

  1. Get your code and its dependencies into Docker containers:
  2. Configure networking and storage for your solution, if needed.
  3. Upload builds to a registry (ours, yours, or your cloud provider’s), to collaborate with your team.
  4. If you’re gonna need to scale your solution across multiple hosts (VMs or physical machines), plan for how you’ll set up your Swarm cluster and scale it to meet demand.
  5. Finally, deploy to your preferred cloud provider (or, for redundancy, multiple cloud providers) with Docker Cloud. Or, use Docker Datacenter, and deploy to your own on-premise hardware.


  • Docker for Mac

    Docker for Mac

    A native application using the macOS sandbox security model which delivers all Docker tools to your Mac.

  • Docker for Windows

    Docker for Windows

    A native Windows application which delivers all Docker tools to your Windows computer.

  • Docker for Linux

    Docker for Linux

    Install Docker on a computer which already has a Linux distribution installed.

  • Docker Engine

    Docker Engine

    Create Docker images and run Docker containers.

    As of v1.12.0, Engine includes swarm mode container orchestration features.

  • Docker Hub

    Docker Hub

    A hosted registry service for managing and building images.

  • Docker Cloud

    Docker Cloud

    A hosted service for building, testing, and deploying Docker images to your hosts.

  • Docker Trusted Registry

    Docker Trusted Registry

    (DTR) stores and signs your images.

  • Docker Universal Control Plane

    Docker Universal Control Plane

    (UCP) Manage a cluster of on-premises Docker hosts as if they were a single machine.

  • Docker Machine

    Docker Machine

    Automate container provisioning on your network or in the cloud. Available for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

  • Docker Compose

    Docker Compose

    Define applications built using multiple containers.

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