What is Docker Cloud?

Docker Cloud is a hosted service that provides a Registry with build and testing facilities for Dockerized application images, tools to help you set up and manage your host infrastructure, and deployment features to help you automate deploying your images to your infrastructure.

Your Docker Cloud account and Docker ID

You log in to Docker Cloud using your free Docker ID. Your Docker ID is the same set of credentials you used to log in to Docker Hub, and this allows you to access your Docker Hub repositories from Docker Cloud.

Images, Builds, and Testing

Docker Cloud uses Docker Hub as an online registry service. This allows you to publish Dockerized images on the internet either publicly or privately. Along with the ability to store pre-built images, Docker Cloud can link to your source code repositories and manage building and testing your images before pushing the images.

Infrastructure management

Before you can do anything with images, you need somewhere to run them. Docker Cloud allows you to link to your infrastructure or cloud services provider which lets you provision new nodes automatically, and deploy images directly from your Docker Cloud repositories onto your infrastructure hosts.

Services, Stacks, and Applications

Images are just one layer in containerized applications. Once you’ve built an image, you can use it to produce containers, which make up a service, or use Docker Cloud’s stackfiles to combine it with other services and microservices, to form a full application.

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